Divine Within Us

Jim Stacey, discover your Divine Within.

On this day of your life, how would you answer the question, “Who are you?” It is certain that your answer today would be different than ever before if you’ve been truly alive within all your experiences. Who will you be in each and every one of your tomorrows? Are you ‘aware of’ the divine within us?

And, while we all have shadow parts that we don’t always like to own, the truth is you are far more magnificent than you’ve ever been told. For most of us humans, our experience has been that we’ve been criticized, blamed, put down, and made to be “guilty” by others far more than we’ve been told the truth about the good that we have demonstrated. Who you are is much more than the sum of your life experiences and the total of all the words you’ve heard, whether positive or negative. Your essence cannot be measured by what happens to you or by what people have said! You are much more beautiful than the best moments of your life. Is the ‘knowing of’ the divine within us, with you?

From the time you came into the temporary experience of this lifetime, what have you remembered about who you are? It is so easy to become distracted by a visible, physical, and tangible world of “things.” But, who you are in the midst of all this doesn’t have to be defined by or limited to the physical world. Seeing through and beyond what is visible, is the key to remembering who you are, the divinity within.

You are much more than all the work related positions you’ve held. You are much more than all your career experiences. You are much more than any and all of the relationships you’ve known in this life time. All of your knowledge, your skills, your understanding, your possessions, your memories, your hopes, and your dreams cannot, when added together, ever begin to define who you. The real you is a truly magnificent Self awaiting your realization as you choose to see your beauty beyond today.

Who is that future Self? What do you believe about yourself today? How has religion contributed to those beliefs? Whatever you’ve decided is true about you, there is more. There is nothing in any religion that has the power to define you, because it is you who gets to choose who you are, choose again, and keep choosing. Most religions teach you that there is something “wrong” with you. That negative message comes through because the beliefs of religion are made up by men; those who love to control others by using a belief system as their tool. They teach you that “God” is far removed from you somewhere “up there” while you are down here and in danger of punishment for being a “sinner.” There is no greater lie than what is known as Dualism–that The Divine and all humanity are vastly separated in a kind of control/surrender scenario for which there is only one cure–theology.

Jesus was here to teach us about the truth. He said, “I have come to bear witness to the truth.” He never came to form a religion but rather to teach us about Divine Connection as the greatest reality we can possibly know right here and right now, not someday in the future if you obey the right theology. The sole purpose of theology is to get God outside of people. Jesus taught, “the kingdom of heaven is WITHIN you!” He taught that the Greater I Am is within you, the smaller I am. He taught that we are Divine in our highest reality and, that we also have some shadow to be transformed as we life in this existence.

Yes, you are Divine! We are on a magnificent journey back to our Source of life. As we learn and grow, here and now, we become far more useful in Divine Service for all eternity; serving Divine purpose in the vast realms of reality that are beyond what we can see today in this physical world. But how can you know this reality? That is what I’ve come to teach and share–the reality of our Divinity, how to experience that, how to live in that quest, and how to learn to hear The Divine speaking to you deep inside. And, while I can point you in the right direction, the journey is yours! The Divine is within you to guide you all the way home. Your Divinity is yours to claim, to seek, to enter into by experience and to encourage you to bring forth your most magnificent Self!

Jesus Was Not A Christian, by Jim Stacey