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The Aramaic Jesus – Aramaic Teachings from his native tongue.

Aramaic Teaching

The Lord's Prayer

Read from the Aramaic by Jim Stacey

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Jesus did not speak English. He didn’t speak Greek either. His original words were written in his native tongue–Aramaic. Even the texts that were originally written in Greek are a very long way from being able to reflect what Jesus said in Aramaic. I studied Greek in seminary. I’ve studied the Aramaic for several years though not formally. Most of my Aramaic insights are from three different sources and reveal a far deeper, and a far different Jesus than anything I knew from over 45 years in Christianity. As a former Christian, I never knew the real Jesus. Today, I continue to learn a great deal about how to understand him, how to practice what he taught, and how to embody the principles of loving and of the personal transformation of my shadow self. The Aramaic Jesus is far, far, tougher to follow than the “meek and mild” Jesus of Christianity.

My introduction to Aramaic teachings came from Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, author of Prayers of the Cosmos. I was blown away when I read the first few lines of what I had long called the worn out English version of The Lord’s Prayer. I had grown so incredibly tired of hearing stale church goers repeating from memory a dry and dull “Our Father…” I knew when I read just the first three lines of the Aramaic that I was hearing the real Jesus for the very first time. Here’s what I read:

Instead of “Our Father Who art in heaven,” it was “O Birthing One, Mother and Father of the Cosmos”–I took a deep breath and sighed, “Wow, now that makes sense!” Then I read further. Instead of “Hallowed be Thy name,” I read “Focus Your light within us, and make it useful.” Now there was a difference that I couldn’t ignore. Instead of “Thy kingdom come,” I read “May your kingdom truly come into our hearts and lives.” All I could say was, “Yes, yes, that’s it!” The kingdom was never some organization nor some distant happening. Jesus always said the kingdom was now, and it was within us. The kingdom had to be what made a difference in how I lived, how I thought, and how I related to others or it was worthless. Now I knew I was onto something. I still am.

The healing path of the Aramaic Jesus is a path so filled with wonder and so amazing in its depth and breadth, that I still feel I’m only a beginner at best in embodying what he taught when he was here on the planet.

You will discover in my books, a huge amount of Aramaic teaching insights that will enlighten you as nothing before. Instead of saying “good and evil,” Jesus actually said “ripe and unripe.” He did not see “sin” as the church has erroneously taught. He said that the greater I AM is within you and I the smaller I am and that means that we are part of The Divine rather than lost and condemned and separated from our Source of Life.

The Spiritual Path of Jesus was to recognize and claim our Divinity, to choose by daily practices to embody what he taught about loving ourselves, our neighbors and our enemies, and then to live his principles in a way that brings healing to others too.

Christianity has never known the Jesus that they boldly claim as their “lord” and “savior.” Never, because his Aramaic words have never been known by them. Many Christians today, when they hear about the Aramaic, reject it as some “new age” kind of teaching. They are dead wrong. They ignore even the English words that say, “the kingdom of heaven is within you.” That truth is not taught in Christianity except as some strange and misguided teaching about that only being true for those who accept the theology of the church. Again, dead wrong.

Come along and let’s learn together on this, the greatest adventure of our lifetimes, as we claim our Divinity, experience real, tangible, Divine connection, walk a spiritual path that takes us to heights of spiritual delight not known before and learn to celebrate all that we are in the relationships of a spiritual community.